NHS-R Community

The NHS-R Community, began in 2018 with funding from the Health Foundation.

Our aim is to support the learning, application and exploitation of R in the NHS.

  • R is a powerful, free open source data science and statistics environment, used in industry, academia and major corporations (eg Microsoft, Google, Facebook) but its use in the NHS is less prominent. The absence of R at scale in the NHS, means that the NHS is unable to take advantage of the huge benefits of R including a worldwide R community which freely shares learning and resources.
  • For us the NHS is actually “NHS+”. This recognises the wider social care, public health other public and private sector organisations that support the NHS.
  • Likewise, for us R is “R+”. This recognises other open source data science tools that are also very popular, such as Python, which also have a lot to offer the NHS-R Community.

You can join the community (its free to all) – here, on slack, hexitime and twitter. {need hyperlinks}

Our values are derived from the  NHS constitution

  1. NHS-R aims to provide a comprehensive service, available to all
  2. Access to NHS-R services is based on need, not an individual’s ability to pay
  3. NHS-R aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism
  4. People and patients will be at the heart of everything NHS-R does
  5. NHS-R works across organisational boundaries
  6. NHS-R is committed to providing best value for money
  7. NHS-R is accountable to community and patients that it serves

Professor Mohammed A Mohammed  – Founder of the NHS-R Community
The Strategy Unit & The University of Bradford

2021 NHS-R Community.