As part of NHS-R Community’s aim to support the learning, application and exploitation of R in the NHS, NHS-R provides funding to ‘Solutions’.

NHS-R Solutions are packages, libraries, training courses, user guides, webinars which promote the use of R in the NHS by addressing specific challenges, especially those related to automation of repetitive tasks.

Current Solutions

The following NHS-R Solutions are currently being developed, funded by NHS-R:

  • NHSDataDictionaRy

The NHS Data Dictionary is a package that does web scraping of a number of key NHS data dictionary lookups to have all the reference codes in one place.
NHSDataDictionaRy is  now available on CRAN:

  • Shiny Training

Introduction to Shiny courses for NHS and Public Sector – Please see here to book and for further information.

  • Shiny EndomineR(work in progress)

EndomineR is itself a highly useful piece of software for clinical use, the Shiny interface being developed would allow non coders to use it. Rolling out code based clinical solutions based on R to non technical audiences using tools like Shiny is a useful way for NHS-R to add value to the NHS.

  • FunnelPlotR(work in progress)

Funnel plots have various methods depending on the data type, and the process for statistical adjustments are complicated to the lay-user.

FunnelPlotR will be a package with a standard interface, taking a data.frame input with a grouping variable, a numerator and a denominator, with various controls for the control limits, outlier detection and colour schemes making this process easier.

  • Expanding the phsmethods R Package 


If you or your team are developing a package in R or a have a Solution you think NHS-R should consider please complete the proforma and send this to

If you have any questions about NHS-R Solutions or would like advice on submitting a proposal, please contact:

All NHS-R solutions are required to be released under an open source licence.
Please see this NHS-R Blog for further information about Software licensing

All applications are considered by the NHS-R Technical Advisory Group and requestee will be informed as soon as an approval decision has been made.


Last updated: June 2021


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