Acquired Brain Injury

What is an acquired brain injury?

An acquired brain injury happens when the brain is damaged by an event like a stroke, infection, or head injury. Recovery time and effects can vary for each person. People living with an acquired brain injury may find tasks like planning, learning, and problem-solving more challenging due to mental and physical fatigue. They may also experience changes in behavior, personality, and sensory abilities.

Individualised Support for people with acquired brain injuries.

We offer individualised support for people who have experienced an acquired brain injury. This includes rehabilitation and assistance with daily living in the community. Our goal is to help people regain skills, confidence, and independence, whether that means transitioning back home after a hospital stay or adjusting to changes in their abilities.

We understand that every brain injury is unique, so we work closely with each person to provide the specific support they need to achieve their goals. With PCS, you’ll have a dedicated partner on your journey to recovery.

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