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Z Turner

I am a Senior Information Analyst working in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a mental health and general health secondary provider. I've been using R for only a couple of years as my main language is SQL.

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    Mike Dunbar

    Hi Zoe, I’ve recently been converted to the pacman package to help make code portable, so instead of writing every line as if(!require…) you just need
    if(!require(‘pacman’)) install.packages(‘pacman’)
    p_load(DBI, odbc, dplyr, dbplyr, tictoc) # for example
    # and p_load does the equivalent of checking every package and installing any needed

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      Zoe Turner

      Thanks for this – there has been a really long discussion on Twitter following this post https://twitter.com/_johnmackintosh/status/1075702704050192384 most of which I don’t understand but people talked about checkpoint, packrat and Docker. This package wasn’t mentioned – much appreciated.


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